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Brotherhood Products | IBEAM Induction Lighting System

ibeam Induction Grow Light

The first and only induction grow light engineered from the ground up with the gardener in mind.


Utilizes a proprietary plastic housing on an aluminum backbone.
Runs at a cool 215° compared to HID systems (app. 720°).
94% reflective interior.
PAR readings of 2000 at the bulb and 765 at a distance of 12"
Bulbs are easily replaceable without requiring any tools.
Incorporates hot restrike technology.
Lightweight and "tentable" at a mere 15 pounds.
Water resistant ballast box.
Made in the USA using renewable energy from green resources.

Benefits of the ibeam™

ibeam™ induction grow lights provide the best single-source horticultural lighting for maximum growth and yields. The color frequency for the entire growth cycle is covered so there is no need to change out light sources for vegetative or flowering. Induction lights also provide maximum canopy penetration. Compared to other types of grow lights, ibeam™ induction grow lights are also very long lasting (up to 60,000 hours) with minimum lumen depreciation. The ibeam™ is very easy to set up and does not require any maintenance.

Cool Running

The ibeam™ has an exceptionally cool operating temperature with a maximum fixture temperature of 500F less than a comparable 600 watt HPS lamp. There is no need to purchase and pay to operate expensive light cooling systems.

Energy Efficient

Lower wattage requirements for PAR usable light saves between 60-70% of the energy consumed by lamp technologies such as HID. There is also a low startup inrush amperage of 2.2 amps or less compared to nearly 7 amps for most 600 watt HPS systems. Low initial amperage demand means more lights can be run off existing wiring without the need for expensive electrical upgrades.

Polymer Reflector

The ibeam™ reflector is designed to perform optimally in today’s demanding indoor gardening environments. It tips the scales at a scant 15 lbs for all components. This makes it ideal for tents and greenhouses where weight can be a factor. It is very easy to install.

Quantity Required

When incorporating ibeam™ induction lights into your garden, plan on each light effectively lighting the area of a single 4 foot by 4 foot propagation tray.

Watts Required

When replacing existing HID lighting systems, plan on 2 300 watt ibeam™ induction lights per 1000 watts. Induction lighting provides more effective PAR per watt than HID so fewer watts are required.

Power Required

2.2 amps or less initial amperage demand.


How Induction Lighting Works

Induction lights rely on the fundamental principles of electromagnetic induction and gas discharge to create light. When energy is applied to the ferrite cores(inductors) located at each end of the glass tube, a very strong magnetic field is produced which travels through the glass and accelerates free electrons. The electrons then collide with mercury atoms and are excited. As the excited electrons fall back from their higher energy state to a lower stable level, they emit ultraviolet radiation. The UV radiation created is then converted to visible light as it passes through a phosphor coating on the inside of the tube. Since there are no filaments or electrodes to burn out, induction lights have an extremely long lifespan.

For some very knowledgeable induction grow light information visit our friends at the Inda-Gro Website.


Physical Properties:

Height: 9"
Length: 28"
Width: 17.25"

15 Pounds

Materials: (reflector)
UV/Heat Resistant Proprietary Polymer

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